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Indian Meal Moth

Indian Meal Moths are 3/8 to 1/2-inch long with wings folded over the back. Wings are two-toned, with the bases a pale gray and the ends reddish brown or copper. Larva are dirty white with brown heads. They grow to about 1/2-inch long and may become yellowish, pinkish, brownish or greenish. Indian meal moths are often mistaken for clothes moths when they are detected flying around in the home. The clothes moth does not have two-toned wings. Their wings are uniformly gray.

Another stored grain infesting larva species, the Angoumois grain moth, infests seeds of corn, wheat, oats, sorghum, barley and other crops. Adult moths are small, all yellow moths with a 3/5 inch wingspan. Egg-laying females infested seeds either while crops are in the field or in storage. Larvae tunnel into seeds, feeding on the germ and endosperm, and form silk tubes in which they pupate. Their life cycle is completed in about 5 weeks and up to six generations can occur annually. Other major stored grain pests are rice weevils, and granary weevils.

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